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            Quality assurance The current position:Home >> About us  

              The company always adhere to the "market-oriented, science and technology for development, to the quality strives for the survival, to management for efficiency" approach, at the same time of continuous self-perfection, we sincerely hope that new and old friends at home and abroad to visit the company!

            Quality goal:
            - to develop new products, and continuously meet the demand of user
            - implement international standards, a famous brand product
            - total quality management, to ensure product factory qualified rate 100%
            - implement quality commitment, customer satisfaction and trust

              Improve the grade for optimization target detection for protection

               Rigorous work style, pragmatic, never slack, rooted in the dragon of every production process, highly responsible inspectors to dissolve into every part attentively, coupled with the most advanced testing equipment and strict scientific management, make each production of finished products can stand the carefully selected customers."The dragon" solemn promise to let each product is 100 points.This is what the product sells to the secret place of the dragon.